Skinfood Ancient Rice Skincare Series


[Ancient Rice Story] The valuable red, green and black rice were served for the royal family of United Silla, an ancient kingdom of Korea. Depending on their color, they provide different nutrients that benefit your skin.
– Red Rice: Enriched with polyphenols, a potent antioxidant.
– Green Rice: Chlorophylls, a green plant pigment have superb anti-inflammatory properties.
– Black Rice: Enriched with anthocyanins, a chemical that increases elasticity in skin, results in a dark color.

[Click on images for details]

(All image credits: Skinfood Korea)


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  1. This post was very helpful! I have TERRIBLE ACNE and have been overcoming it for the past year. You can see my acne here:

    If you are ever interested in wiring a blog post on this video and have questions I’m more than happy to answer! thanks for helping out so many readers with your tips!

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