Skinfood Byulsatang Eye & Lip Tint Range


A combination of a tear eyeliner and milky lip tint that creates byulsatang-like stellar eyes and dewy lips in two simple steps.


Byulsatang Eye: Use at the end of eye makeup. Remove excess content from the wand, and then apply a thin layer onto the desired eye area.
Lip Tint: Using the silicone tip, apply to the lips in outward motions.  



Byulsatang Eye & Lip Tint #1 White Star & Milk Pink, 3.5g*2, SGD13.90


Byulsatang Eye & Lip Tint #2 Gold Star & Milk Coral, 3.5g*2, SGD13.90


Byulsatang Eye & Lip Tint #3 Blue Star & Milk Orange, 3.5g*2, SGD13.90


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