Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Series


[Vita A, B, C, E Complex Story] The concentration of effective ingredients from a variety of fruits and vegetables known for their richness of vitamin A,B,C and E gives your skin rich moisture to make it fresh and revitalized.
[Alaska Glacier Water Story] This alkalescent natural water, which has taken 20,000 years to have the current ingredients, has lots of oxygen, hydrogen, minerals and ions.



Facial Ice Vita Cooling Stick, 12g, SGD15.20


A stick-type eye zone serum that immediately quenches thirsty skin and refreshes dry, stressed skin.

1. Use after toner application or whenever necessary.
2. Apply to eye zone that need to moisturize and pat for faster adsorption.
* Put the inside cap back on in order not to lose hydration.


Facial Ice Vita Mist 200ml, SGD19.80


Facial Ice Vita Mist 100ml, SGD15.30


An icy water mist that immediately quenches skin’s thirst and refreshes dry, stressed skin with a Vita A, B, C, E complex and Alaska glacier water.


* Do not shake before use.
Use whenever skin feels hot and dry. Mist over face from at least a 20cm distance.


Facial Ice Vita Toner, 150ml, SGD17.70


– Use the ice toner to cool down during summer heat, reduce morning swelling, and tighten enlarged pores. It doesn’t just cool your skin but also uplifts your mind!”
– An icy toner that immediately relieves heat sensations and skin dryness with a fluffy cloud of icy sherbet infused with Alaska glacier water and a complex of vitamins A, B, C and E.

* Do not spray directly on the face.
1. Shake well before use.
2. Hold the can upright and spray onto a cotton pad from a distance until a mound of icy sherbet is created.
3. Apply the icy sherbet to the face in patting motions. Avoid the eye area.


Facial Ice Vita Tonic, 6ml*6, SGD5.80


This mix of Vita A, B, C and E complex and Alaskan glacier water quenches your skin and thirst for hydration with moisture ingredients, the very moment it is applied on your skin.


1. After washing your face with water, instead of using toner, smooth it over the face except for eye and lip areas. It can also be applied to the neck, arms and legs.
2. How to use it if refrigerated: After washing your face with water, smoothly pat a moderate amount around your face until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
3. How to use it frozen: After freezing it for more than 30 minutes, smoothly massage it around your face so that it can be absorbed.


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