Skinfood Black Egg Pore Series


Enriched with albumin, egg white extract promotes firmer skin and smaller pores.

Black Egg Pore Gel Base, 25g, SGD13.50


A pore-refining primer gel with a velvety finish that improves the appearance of enlarged pores while preparing skin for makeup. The apricot color base brightens lackluster skin tones.


After daily basic skincare regimen, apply an even layer to the skin in outward motions.


Black Egg Pore Serum, 30ml, SGD16.90


A pore-smoothing serum with a powdery finish that contains egg extract to tighten enlarged pores while controlling excessive sebum and oiliness. Your skin will look firm and velvety smooth, like a fresh boiled egg.


After toner application, apply gently onto the entire face, especially desired T-zone and check areas until the serum is absorbed completely.


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