Skinfood Tomato Smoothie Tint Range


A creamy lip tint with a soft, smoothie-like texture that creates kissable lips while protecting and moisturizing skin with natural moisturizing factors from tomato.


1. Apply evenly over the entire lips.
2. Reapply to the center of your lower lip for fuller, more glamorous lips.

Tomato Smoothie Tint No.1 Red Tomato, 5g, SGD9.30

No.1 Red Tomato: Grapefruit red for a natural-looking sexy flush.

Tomato Smoothie Tint No.2 Pink Tomato, 5g, SGD9.30

No.2 Pink Tomato: Lovely pink for baby doll lips.

Tomato Smoothie Tint No.3 Orange Tomato, 5g, SGD9.30

No.3 Orange Tomato: Juicy orange for perky lips.


2 responses

  1. Hello Lilyla,

    Don;t worry, they do not have strong scent of tomato at all, and the color is gorgeous, with that added lip plumping property after application. =)

    Thank you!

    — The Beauty Phase

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