Skinfood Fresh Lime Body Series


Fresh Lime Salt Body Wash, 390g, SGD14.40


This body wash, containing lime rich in vitamin C and lake salt grains from Argentina, has an exceptional cleansing effect, and adds resilience and elasticity to skin, making skin feel soft and smooth. You will enjoy its grainy texture with a fresh scent.


For shower, foam desired amount and massage onto body, scrubbing gently with salt grains.



Fresh Lime Salt Body Oil Gel, 165ml, SGD14.40


This lightweight body oil gel revitalizes skin with lime essential oil, while coating skin for moisturization all day long. Your skin will feel soft and silky-smooth, without stickiness.


After shower, apply all over body while wet, and massage.



Fresh Lime Salt Body Emulsion, 260ml, SGD14.40


Containing lime and lemon extracts, this shine-free, refreshing body emulsion moisturizes and nourishes skin, leaving it smooth and resilient.


After shower, apply desired amount onto body and massage gently to absorb.



Fresh Lime Body Cream, 50g, SGD22.00


Containing lime, lemon, and orange extracts rich in vitamin C, this refreshing body cream makes skin lustrous and smooth. It absorbs quickly, providing deep moisturization.


After shower, apply all over body while wet, and massage.


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