About Us

The Beauty Phase is an online shop, powered by MarketBloomer, and was set up on 1st January 2011. Our aim is to provide our customers with their all time favourite skincare and cosmetic products in an economical and convenient way, with shopping just a finger click away.

Our products include the all time favourite and highly raved brands: The Face Shop, Etude HouseBeauty Credit and Skinfood. (We are still on our way to expanding, thus currently only The Face Shop products and Etude House are available).

So dear all, do let us know if the brands/products you are looking for is not here, we are more than willing to assist you.

Why buy from us?
Because our products are shipped in directly from Korea wholesale supplier, meaning our products are cheaper than retail price, and we guarantee that all of them are 100% authentic! If not we will refund back your money.

As one who uses daily regime skincare products from Face Shop, I understand that their in house products are quite pricey, and sometimes hard to get when they are out of stock. Thus, The Beauty Phase will constantly replenish our items, in order to provide a satisfactory shopping ground for our customers.

Besides the price, we also ship in other items of the mentioned brands, that are not available in Singapore market. Oh wait! Not to mention that we  hold promotions and sales frequently as well? Yes, we have it almost every month!! So why not just join us as member, or like us on Facebook, and seize the opportunity and impress your friends with the never-before-seen, amazing new products , bought even at a much lower price now!

And so to all my customers, it’s time to indulge yourselves in this rare shopping experience with us today! Wish all of you — Happy shopping!! 😀


The Beauty Phase


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