How to use BB Cream?

Many of you may or may not hear about BB cream. BB cream is not for babies, it is for all of the pretty ladies. BB cream is extremely popular in the Asian countries especially Korea and Japan. Bb cream is not a cream but something like your foundation to even out your skin tone and cover your imperfections meanwhile provides you with nourishment and sun screen.

It is a very invention for those who are busy and lazy. You want to look pretty but you think foundation is too troublesome, this is you good choice. BB cream is extremely easy to use like your moisturizer. Even though you are not a professional, you can do it well. But still, many people use it somehow in the wrong way.

First, you should not regard BB cream is your nourishing cream. Though many brands are emphasizing the nourishing power of the BB cream, it definitely cannot substitute your skin care products. You should follow your skin care routine by first applying the toner, essence and moisturizer. If you apply the BB cream immediately after cleansing your face, you are going to feel dry very soon.

BB cream no doubt can help you to produce the clean or matt look, which is a lot of people’s favorite. But by only apply a thin layer of BB cream, you may not get the result of your expected natural look. What you need is also to apply your loose power to reduce the shiny effect, rouge, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss to produce a complete matte look.

As BB can be used as easily as your daily moisturizer, many people therefore apply a large amount to their face. You do not need that much. As the BB cream has great concealing function, if you apply too much, you will look so weird like a clown. It is far from your clean look. You just need to apply a thin layer, wait a few seconds to let the skin absorb. You can apply more after that if you feel needed.

Do not mislead by the name BB cream. You have to have your makeup removal procedure if you have applied BB during the day. If you do not clean it thoroughly, there is still risk that your pores can be clogged. If the pores are clogged severely, it may cause follicle inflammation and finally pimples.

To properly apply BB cream, you can treat it as your daily moisturizer. Get a small amount of BB cream onto the back of your hand. Apply them onto your face in five dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks and chin. Blend well until it is invisible.



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