Importance Of Make Up Brushes

Make Up Brushes: Yes or No?

What are advantages of Makeup Brushes?

People think that, they don’t need Makeup Brushes until and unless fingers do not stop doing the task and that too so gently. No doubt you love your finger but use them to hold things. If you will give a little attention, then you will find that you almost use them to hold things like holding spoon or forks to eat food, holding pen to do writing, holding toothbrush to brush up teeth, etc, then why not you hold a Makeup Brush, while doing makeup. These are of great help to you. Using Makeup Brush has several benefits:

  • The brushes are simpler to control than your finger and so the result is much less messy.
  • Brushes can help you applying blush on one cheek and then the other with a matching effect.
  • Brushes make final effect natural and wonderful. Your face will glow more and each color should come blended into the next.
  • Your fingers can contaminate your cosmetics, but your brushes do not.



1) It is more hygienic to use brushes, as all sorts of bacteria tend to stay on your fingers, especially after you have touched so many things before touching your face (tables, make up box, tools etc).

2) Brushes allows a better control in make up application, thus giving you a more even and better blending of colors.

Hence, it is recommended to use brushes, instead of fingers, to apply make up.

How to Clean Make Up Brushes?

1) Use a make up remover, drip a bit onto the brushes. Rub the brushes gently to remove make up residue. Make sure that the brushes return to actual color, if not, it means that there are still make up stains on.

2) Dip the brushes (only the hair area) into warm water to further clean them. If you use oil based remover, pour a bit of facial foam into water, mix it well and wash the brushes again to get rid of oil.

3) Use a cloth or tissue to squeeze out the water.

4) Leave them on table to dry.

(Credits: The Beauty Phase)


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