Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Info

  • Instocks: Takes only 1 DAY for items to be delivered to your doorstep. (Time varies for registered postage)
  • Preorders8 to 12 days for items to be delivered to your house (Time varies for registered postage), after preorder list has been sent in to supplier. The list is sent in on every 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

Please pay only when we’ve sent you the invoice!

Delivery Info

We have wide range of delivery options catering to your needs:

  1. Normal Postage (FREE)
  2. Registered Postage (SGD2.50; Free if more than SGD25)
  3. Doorstep Delivery (FREE, only valid for purchases more than SGD45)
  4. Worldwide shipping (A deposit will be charged depending on destination country : Excess will be refunded)

International Orders

We welcome international buyers! ^^


– We know how hard it is to wait for a particular preordering session to close, and you still have to wait for a week or more for your items to arrive in your country, which might even be delayed due to the post office operation.

– Thus, The Beauty Phase only charges accordingly to what is stated at Singpost website.

– We will charge slightly more at first, due to additional packaging weight, but do not worry, as we will REFUND THE EXCESS SHIPPING COST BACK TO YOU!

– You can check for the price/weight when your items arrive, as it will be written on the parcel itself. We can send you the Singpost URL, where you can check for the shipping fee by entering the parcel weight, in case you want to verify after you receive your items.


— Payment have to be made within 48 hours after you confirmed your order, otherwise we will presume the orders are cancelled.

— Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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